High performance software libraries, tools and development services

Accelerate your web, mobile, PC, embedded and cloud computing applications!

Software Products

x265Logo_309x137MulticoreWare offers best-in-class video, imaging and computer vision software libraries, including x265, the world’s leading HEVC/H.265 encoder, and UHDcode, a powerful cross-platform software HEVC decoder.

MulticoreWare’s solution architects include experts on machine learning, and we develop advanced deep neural networks for a variety of customer use-cases, including object recognition and identification.


Tools and Platforms

rs&glMulticoreWare has developed a powerful set of parallel programming platforms and tools, enabling developers to choose the most productive programming model, while providing high performance on any target device architecture.

Parallel Path Analyzer performance profiling software helps our team and our customers quickly identify bottlenecks in any application.  Our compiler technologies enable rapid cross-platform development of high performance solutions on any architecture.

Software Development Services

MulticoreWare has one of the largest high performance software development teams in theMulticore Processor world, expert in optimizing software applications on any platform using any programming language or heterogeneous API.

Compute-intensive applications can be accelerated through improved parallelism, advanced task scheduling, and by offloading tasks to GPUs, DSPs, or fixed-function hardware. Whether you’re building a new mobile device, embedded appliance, or developing a cloud application, our team has the expertise to help you achieve full performance faster.